Zimbabwe Entrepreneurial Series, Episode: Couple Sets up Shop for Yevo International in one of Nation’s Wealthiest Towns

Call it a sign of Yevo International’s success in the marketplace, or call it hopeful thinking, but one couple hopes to tap into one of the wealthiest towns in the US and share Yevo with a local population that’s not only ready to buy but also quite discerning as well.

The town in question?  Greenwich, Connecticut, long known as a preppy enclave of “old money” and one of the richest towns in America.

So why is our Zimbabwe blog talking about this? Because they have committed themselves to helping others in Africa, including Zimbabwe.

There are at least 8 billionaires living there, and there’s quite an extensive entry in the Urban Dictionary on how rich (and preppy) the town really is.

Power selling couple Michael and Valerie D’Angelo hope to tap into something good with Yevo in Greenwich.  As residents of the town, they’d already been living a comfortable life as independent representatives for North American Power.  As reported in the Greenwich Times, they were getting ready to retire early when that company shuttered its program and they were left with no enterprise.

What did this power-selling couple do?  They were hardly newbies in the direct selling market and had in fact achieved awards with North American Power, such as Most Outstanding  Regional Directors in 2014.

Power-Selling Couple Chooses Yevo International

The D’Angelos had a lot of direct selling opportunities to choose from, but Yevo foods fit their market.  Yevo products are pre-packaged foods made of superior high quality ingredients and which contain the 43 essential nutrients the human body needs for a healthy existence.

Tapping into the nation’s latest obsession (one that will stick around, experts think) of shunning processed foods, Yevo products do not contain preservatives or any GMOs.  As a nation we’ve seen that there’s certainly a market for premium foods…and if anyone is willing to pay a little extra for food that’s free of preservatives, FODMAP-friendly, GMO-free, full of important nutrients, and ready to eat, it’s busy professionals like those who live in Greenwich.

Yevo foods are just that: foods.  They are not pills, vitamins, or supplements.  They contain 43 essential nutrients so people who consume Yevo foods feel satisfied.  

In that guise, Yevo foods can also be considered weight-management products as well.

Castleman Appears in Rye Brooke, NY

Multi-billionaire Yevo founder Peter Castleman was hosted by the D’Angelos on his Founders Tour this past June, where he spoke about the company to promote it (remember, Yevo is still in its infancy).  Accompanying him were Chip Marsland from the ZONE Diet and David Brown, the CEO of Yevo.

About Yevo International

Peter Castleman is the founder of Yevo, which is based in Utah and Nevada.  Mr. Castleman hails from one of the most successful direct selling companies in history: Herbalife.  He was chairman of Herbalife but now focuses solely on Yevo and expansion both domestically and internationally.

Yevo is new: they started up earlier this year but have already expanded into three countries.  There is no other direct selling company currently marketing this product, which so far looks to be of sound quality and backed by good research.  Product offerings are growing as the company emerges from infancy and stages its development across the globe.